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"Hello all! I work with Secret Network as a co-lead in the Awareness Committee (along with Brendan from Whispernode, another great validator!)

Our community is made up of some passionate and talented people, hoping to bring privacy as a human right to the new web3 world. We are a collaborative group who know that distributed staking among the 50 validators is the best for the SCRT environment, so we help each other out, the choice is YOURS!

You may want to look at commission rate and uptime and make sure the validator / node you are researching is suitable to you.

SCRTisland node is deployed and operated with the same standards as many of the top nodes, including SecretNodes.

I am happy to answer any questions about staking, or jump on a call if you have concerns about staking, please DM me on any of my personal accounts below, I am happy to prove I am a real human being with a real interest in SCRT and tropical islands. Maybe one day we will be discussing this all in our tropical island paradise in the sun."

-john / @vegsurfer